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Weekly update: new single from Milliarden, new album from Genetikk

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

New releases

Saarbrücken-based rap group Genetikk re-released their debut album Foetus to mark its 10-year anniversary, but with some new additions to mark the current crises. A number of lines have made waves in Germany as lockdown returns, with the track “Lockdown” unsurprisingly receiving the most attention. The track focuses not on the coronavirus crisis in itself, but on the broader social malaise it has exposed:  not on the ‘new normal’, but on the ‘normality’ that many wish to return to.

Meanwhile, Berliner rockers Milliarden have released a fast-paced new single “Wenn ich an dich denke”. They’ve managed to find a sound that sits somewhere between Franz Ferdinand, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and The Strokes. Melodic verses make way for heavy, bass-led choruses.

Song of the week: “Intro” – Juju

Juju got her first solo album Bling Bling( 2019) off to a flying start with what can only be described as a musical manifesto. In her “Intro”, she seeks to carve out a position for herself within the Deutschrap scene, shifting between flows effortlessly. For Juju, Deutschrap is nothing more than a “Schauspiel” (an overly-dramatic charade). And with her uncensored authenticity, she intends to provide the antidote.


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