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Weekly update: four-week lockdown introduced in Austria


After more than 5,000 new infections were registered on Friday, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz  has announced a four-week lockdown, which will come into force on Tuesday. The new measures include a curfew from 8pm to 6am, restrictions on personal contacts, closure of restaurants and a ban on recreational events.

After the result of the Viennese elections, mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) has begun coalition talks with the NEOS-party, an unprecedented political experiment.


TheAustrian Society for Literatureis streaming most of its events online: readings, interviews with writers as well as book presentations. Check out their programme for November-December here.


The Austrian indie pop bandWanda, whose singleBolognaclimbed the German music charts in 2015, have released their new songJurassic Park. Watch the music video here.

Austrian Word of the Week

The German word 'die Kartoffel', potato, is known in Austria as 'der Erdapfel'.

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