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Weekly update: first-of-its-kind digitalised music library app developed with AI

Artificial intelligence

Specialists in artificial intelligence working with musicologists for the Berlin based start-up Enote have developed a first of its kind digitalised music library app. Rather than simply a pdf-scan this company has digitised hundreds of thousands of scores within the last few years. The app will allow musicians the possibility of interacting with the scores to transpose, turn pages and change the size.

COVID-19 vaccine

Following the release of the full Phase-3 trial results, the Mainz based BioNTech vaccine developed in collaboration with Pfizer has been found to be 95% effective at protecting those given the vaccine up by 5% from last week. This is far above the standard efficiency of conventional flu vaccines.

Satellite technology

Researchers from a German-Chinese collaboration have developed a satellite method to measure ground subsidence in and around open cast mines. The region between Aachen and Cologne is home to some of the largest of the open cast mines in the world and subsidence is a significant problem.

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