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Weekly update: COVID infections decline in Vorarlberg, government plans stricter traffic laws


Whilst infection rates are on the rise in the rest of the country, Vorarlberg is registering low cases and will ease lockdown measures. From March 15, restaurants will reopen and events will be allowed with participants required to show a negative test. The state could serve as a model for a future, nationwide reopening.

Vorarlberg, Austria. Photo: gsibergerin via Pixabay


The government is planning stricter traffic laws in an attempt to reduce the annual numbers of victims on Austrian roads. Starting from the end of the year, speeders could have their vehicle confiscated in extreme cases.


Austrian musician Roman Grinberg has created a fun, step-by-step Yiddish course for German-speakers. Check out his Youtube video series Jiddisch für Anfänger (‘Yiddish for Beginners’) to learn the basics of the fascinating, centuries-old language of Ashkenazic Jews!

Word of the week

The German word ‘die Tasse‘, ‘cup’, is known colloquially in Austria as ‘das Haferl’.


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