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Weekly update: Austrian anti-terrorism package planned


In direct response to the Vienna terror attack, the government is planning an Anti-Terrorism Package which will include, among other measures, stricter imprisonment sentences for terrorists and better surveillance of released Islamists via electronic tagging. The package came under criticism for its labelling of political Islam as a criminal offence.


The Austrian police have carried out nation-wide raids against both Islamist organisations and right-wing extremists.

The increasing numbers of Covid-19 patients at intensive care units is forcing hospitals in the state of Vorarlberg to consider a triage system.


Author Xaver Bayer is the winner of the 2020 Austrian Book Prize. His collection of short stories Geschichten mit Marianne (Verlag Jung und Jung) was praised by the jury as a ‘brilliant, multifaceted reflection on our time’.

Austrian Word of the Week

‘jemanden sekkieren’ is the Austrian phrase for the High German equivalent ‘jemanden ärgern’ (to make someone angry).


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