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Weekly update: Austria to achieve 2020 climate goals


Thanks to the lockdown, Austria will be able to achieve its 2020 climate goals, which include cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 16% compared to 2005 levels.


‘Weil’s eh wurscht is’!’(because it’s all the same anyway). This is what many Austrian secondary school students wrote this year in their final exam (Matura), instead of completing the test. Indeed, following an easing of examination rules in the wake of coronavirus disruptions, many students knew they would pass anyway.Minister of Education Heinz Faßmann announced a change of regulations for next year.


Author Alfred Kolleritsch has died at the age of 89. He was co-founder of the literary circleForum Stadtpark and editor of the magazine manuskripte, an important springboard for writers such as Wolfgang Bauer, Peter Handke and Elfriede Jelinek.


Standard German or local dialect?Der Standard has collected the opinions of Austrian parents on this much debated question about their children’s upbringing.


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