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Weekly update: Austrian police to action against violations of Covid-19 restrictions

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Coronavirus Following last week’s protests in Vienna, the Austrian police announced that they will take more action against violations of current measures at public demonstrations.

A police vehicle in Vienna. Photo: Johannes Maximilian via Wikimedia Commons

Environment Wildlife cameras captured two lynxes in the forests around Vienna. This is a sensational sight, as the species had been declared extinct in the region, with the last sighting dating back to 100 years ago. Entertainment In her first single Mixed Feelings, newcomer artist Nenda from Ötztal (Tyrol) raps about identity, belonging and growing up as a PoC in the Alps. Watch the music video here. The band Solarkreis from Graz has released a new single, Morgn, in Styrian dialect. Listen to it here. Word of the Week The German adverb ‘hinauf’, ‘upwards’, is known in Austrian dialect as ‘auffi’.

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