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Book of the week: Der kaukasische Kreidekreis, Bertolt Brecht (1948)

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This week, we have the classic example of Bertolt Brecht's epic theatre: 'Der kaukasische Kreidekreis' ('The Caucasian Chalk Circle') from 1948. This parable follows Grusha and Azdak in two tales which eventually intertwine.

Grusha, a peasant girl, rescues an abandoned baby, Michael, and takes care of him and mothers him better than his own wealthy biological parents. As for Azdak, he was chosen to be the judge and became known for supporting the poor person in whichever case he presided over, which becomes problematic.

Does Azdak get to keep his role as a judge? What happens to Grusha and Michael? Read the play to find out... A filmed theatrical performance is also available to watch here:


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