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Science & Tech update: Radioactive Carbon-14 leak in Munich

By Philip Kennedy

Carbon-14 leak

Radioactive Carbon-14 (C-14) has been leaked from a research reactor in Garching, Munich. The reactor FRM II, run by Technische Universität München (TUM), had experienced the issue due to an assembly error in the drying facility. The annual limit on C-14 was exceeded by 15 per cent, but TUM and the Bavarian environmental ministry said there was no risk to humans or the environment as a result.

Blue tit deaths

Blue tits across Germany are currently becoming ill and dying, affecting the bird populations in areas from Saarland to Lower Saxony and causing tens of thousands of deaths. The outbreak is thought to be caused by a bacterial infection that was isolated during a previous outbreak during the 1990s in the UK.

Stuttgart hosts new Quantum-computer

Stuttgart is to host the first Quantum-computer of its kind in Europe. The system developed by IBM will be hosted at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and is due to go live in 2021.

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