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German Business Confidence High

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

By George Hartley

The eurozone faces an ongoing struggle to achieve inflation targets against a backdrop of low interest rates. The European Central Bank suggests increased public borrowing and spending is necessary, a move eurozone countries such as Germany are reluctant to make. More on the Bundesbank’s stance here (Reuters). According to the Ifo Institute, confidence among Germany’s businesses has risen to a six-month high. After the country narrowly avoided a recession, ING Germany suggests a more positive economic outlook. Saxony-Anhalt politician Robert Möritz has announced his resignation from Merkel’s CDU after his connections to far-right extremism were unearthed. It comes during a debate surrounding potential cooperation between the CDU and the AfD.  The AfD has revealed it is facing severe financial difficulties. Following a €400,000 fine due to fraudulent campaign funding, the far-right party has requested donations from its members. After the 2015 emissions scandal, Volkswagen are experiencing a renaissance in the US market. Demand for recalled diesel models has soared, often resold by the carmaker at bargain prices following emissions software fixes. Deutsche Bahn and Greta Thunberg engaged in a brief Twitter spat after the Swedish climate activist posted a picture in the aisle of an overcrowded train. The German rail firm replied that she had been seated in first class; Thunberg clarified this was four hours into her journey. A German court was forced to intervene after an argument erupted between a Bavarian woman and a cheese shop. The resident claims the smell has been ‘unbearable’ since the premises opened in 2016. 


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