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Weekly update: Merkel faces internal Huawei backlash

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Tom Carson

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Angela Merkel's would-be successor, threatened to stand down as leader of the CDU if her centre-right party fails to back her whilst speaking at the party's annual congress in Leipzig. The speech, designed to urge critics to support her vision for Germany, won a standing ovation. Merkel suffered a setback in her plans to allow Huawei to supply components for the implementation of 5G in Germany as CDU rebels tabled a motion to exclude bidders from countries where governments could exert influence over private companies. The controversy, which has rumbled on for weeks, is explained in Deutsche Welle. The Financial Times posted an informative podcast on Germany’s role in the Eurozone banking union. Listen here. After narrowly avoiding a recession, German unions and businesses called for a €450bn public investment boost to ease fears over future growth. The Berliner Zeitung, a German newspaper, was forced to launch an investigation into its new owner, Holger Friedrich, after it was revealed he had been a Stasi informer.


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