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NYE Special 2018

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Dear All,

We'll keep it brief again for you this week. Just 'cos it's the holidays. So, here’s all the latest. The Headlines:

Merkel has given her New Year’s Speech. In it she championed more engagement on the international scene, and spoke about climate change and migration.  Reports this week suggested the German Army might look to the EU for new recruits.EU commissioner Günther Oettinger has warned Germany face paying a hefty bill if Britain leaves the EU with no deal

If you fancy a longer read: Why we won’t have revolutions in the future. Why men should see equality as enrichment, not as a threat. Why Merkel’s 2019 could be her most significant and legacy-defining year in politics so far. Why the Germans are a ‘eine Mischung aus Größenwahn und Impotenz‘. Apparently. Continuing the festive theme:

Some bold Berliners stripped off in -3 degrees on Christmas Day for the annual ‘polar plunge’

And… be sure not to miss Dinner for One on its first EVER screening on UK television.

New Year’s Fireworks have reignited (sorry) a debate about the risks of fireworks and problems with the industry.

History: Eine Wundersame Errettung: An article published recently in the Frankfurter Allgemeine looks at the miraculous survival of one Jewish family during the years of Nazi Terrorism.

Der Norden versinkt im Schnee: 40 years ago, in the Winter of 1978/79, heavy snowfall and stormy conditions caused chaos in northern Germany. Sport:

A very confusing headline.Jadon Sancho’s blossoming career continues to steal the headlines in Germany.  Why Jerome Boateng’s looking forward to 2019 (*Hint* 2018 didn't go very well for him).

The Quick-fire Round: Struggling to improve your German? We might have found the solution. Looking for love? Die Welt knows exactly what you need to pin down a successful relationship… Finally… for those wondering, Germany’s most popular baby names 2018 have been announced. They sound suspiciously English to me.

Happy New Year!

The Team 🎄🎉🎅

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