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Weekly update: an auto-tuned introduction to 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

By Seb C-K

  • An auto-tuned introduction to 2019 for the charts in Germany. Berlin label Bushido taking a leaf out of the football trend in rap music with a song entitled ‘Benzema’. Prizes for translation of these quick rhymes.

  • German music magazine, Tonspion, have released their top 10 electronic music festivals in Germany in 2019 listed here.

  • Read about the importance of background music to industries such as retail and restaurants: dulcet tones can bring customers to eat more and shop for longer.

  • Ever wondered what the brainchild of Bach and artificial intelligence might create? Music created by algorithms is becoming a reality, perhaps new genres and other-worldly sounds will be uncovered. Read about music intelligence experiments here.

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