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Weekly update: hip hop at number 1

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

Another hip hop number 1 this week in Germany. Drawing on the slow steady beat of Reggaeton, the song has German lyrics but draws heavily from Turkish slang. With a catchy chorus popping up between each artists verse the song. One lyric to watch out for: “Links Jasmin, rechts Aprilla, Frauen süß wie Baklava…Shouts out David Alaba”. Youtube is the place to listen to this one:

Sunday marked the end of the Berlin Jazz week - the programme to the annual 4 day festival can be accessed here.  Famous synthpop veterans, The Human League play Hamburg this week. Read about that here. Elsewhere, Rammstein have just announced the dates of their European tour.

Underground music magazine have released their CD for September/October. With 10 tracks from the last 2 months, it’s a good place to get the low-down of what’s been doing the rounds in the underground scene recently. Listen to/stream here.


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