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Weekly update: Kraftwerk

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

Often hailed as one of the pioneers of electronic music as we know it today, the German band Kraftwerk is one to get to know. The lasting success of the band stems from their ‘robotic pop’ sound, with synthesisers, drum machines, vocoded lyrics and futuristic textures at the core.

Autobahn, arguably their most famous song, replicates the flow of motorway driving with the passing of road markings and roadside scenery established through the minimal yet rhythmic song. Read about their rich music history here and see the upcoming 2019 tour dates (including a visit to the UK) here

This recent Bach concert in Duisberg had a little extra something – combining visual effects with music for a more sensory experience. Read about how the audio-visual world is expanding even to classic music concerts. 

Utilised globally to create unpredictable, otherworldly sounds, the modular synthesiser is a music secret weapon and encapsulates electronic music. Listen to this podcast which describes the way sounds are patched and why musicians such as Hans Zimmer continue to rely on it so heavily for production. 


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