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Weekly update: remembering Scorpions

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

  • Remember a time when big rock ballads could inspire humanity? No? Then you probably haven’t heard of the German band Scorpions. Seeing commercial success in the late 1970s and early 80s, the trio of guitarists riffed their way to stardom, with hits such as fan favourite “Loving You Sunday Morning”:

  • In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin wall, the band released another hit: “Winds of Change”; a play on the sailing jargon meaning of ‘Wende’, and a music video illustrating a restored faith in humanity. One to check out for all fans of golden oldies.

  • Game of Thrones was back with a bang this weekend. What better way to relive the thrills than to listen to the ‘WDR Funkhausorchester’ play a number of renditions of the TV show’s most known pieces. The orchestra recreates the soundtrack in various styles, from Vivaldi to Hans Zimmer. Listen here.

  • "Aber bitte mit Wumms”: find out why Berlin’s Klaus Lederer has recently been praised for his role in preserving the rich culture of the capital in this Spiegel article.

  • The Cotton Club in Hamburg is similar to what Ronnie Scott’s is to London: a place rich with jazz heritage. The Hamburg club celebrates 60 years of world-class performances: read about its history here and how it continues to push boundaries despite the occasional bit of water seeping in through the walls.

  • Read about how Record Store Day 2019 went down in Germany this past Saturday. There were some special releases, loads of ‘Rabatt’ marked items and even in-store gigs.


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