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Weekly update: Who is Glenn Astro?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

By Seb C-K

Musiker der Woche

This week’s musician of the week is none other than Glenn Astro: jazz enthusiast, hip hop lover and founder of Money $ex Records. The German-born producer, DJ and radio host is involved in all things music and is one to know if you enjoy incredibly well thought out, chilled, groove-riddled beats. This Stamp The Wax mix showcases it all, as does this YouTube video of one of his sets:


Leipzig nightclub ‘Institut für Zukunft’ is celebrating its fifth year since opening with a compilation of tracks that have shaped the club’s history set for a release on vinyl in the coming months. Listen to some of the track snippets here: expect ‘stomping rave techno, bleepy electro, classy house and bass-driven left-field jams’.

CCTV radio, an internet radio station, has opened in Berlin. With live streaming on YouTube and Facebook promised, as well as community workshops, CCTV is looking to start off where 'Berlin Community Radio' left off.

Besonderheit der Woche

As mentioned previously mentioned, German band Rammstein have this week been in the media spotlight for the release of “Deutschland” - the music video has caused controversyfor its use of concentration camp and Nazi imagery. The band argues the song’s lyrics are inviting Germany to learn from its mistakes. Watch the music video here and have your say.


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