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Germany's Stuttering Economy

A number of pessimistic but insightful articles have been published on the structural issues facing Germany’s economy.

The Telegraph: Germans living in 'cloud cuckoo-land' as economic decline sets in The Times: Germany hits the skids Bloomberg: Germany's Inconvenient Truth? It's Too Complicated

Observations consider:

Germany as one of the slowest growing economies in the last 20 years

A ‘protected, archaic, over-regulated service sector’

Trade dependency on China

Germany playing little role in the digital revolution

Insufficient investment due to obsession with balancing the budget

Germany’s ‘export miracle’ reliance on a tax, energy, and regulatory structure that favours the exporting elites at the cost of the bottom halfInequality

Negative interest rates, falling industrial production and weakening manufacturing sector

The need for innovation, R&D and new products

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