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Weekly update: Neil MacGregor's new Radio 4 series

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By Ben Rowe

Neil MacGregor, author of Germany: Memories of a Nation, is the mastermind behind the BBC Radio 4 series As Others See Us. In the new series MacGregor explores Brexit from a different perspective by researching what other countries, including Germany, have to say about the UK’s decision to leave the EU. March 2019 will mark the beginning of the Insiders Outsiders festival. This yearlong project celebrates refugees from Nazi Europe and their contributions to British culture. The festival, which is partnered with the likes of Tate Britain and the National portrait Gallery, will showcase work from a variety of artistic fields, such as photography, architecture and music. The film director and pioneer of New German Cinema, Wim Wenders, has made public his Polaroid diary, taken between 1973 and 1983. The personal collection will be on display at the Instant Stories exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery London, go and see it before it ends in February!

Read about the British entrepreneur helping to tackle Germany’s migrant crisis.


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