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Weekly update: Germany in the UK, 16th February

By Daniela Nelson

As part of the Jewish Book Week Kings Place, London is hosting The Fashion Revolution: From Berlin to London with Michael Gee, Anna Nyburg and Uwe Westphal telling the story of the Jewish clothing industrialists who escaped Nazi Germany to make their home in Britain on 1st March at 6:30pm.  Michael Billington will join Nico Holonics, Berlin Ensemble Artistic Director, in conversation about the production of The Tin Drum by German author Günter Grass on 27th February at the Coronet Theatre in Notting Hill. German author Wolfgang Meyer-Hentrich’s book, Wahnsinn Kreuzfahrt: Eine Gefahr für Natur und Mensch, is a hard-hitting exposé about the dangers of mass tourism in the cruise industry and has been called ‘as critical as it is entertaining’ by book critic Jochen Marmit.  ‘Art of Germany’, a documentary first shown in 2010 is being broadcast again on BBC. Andrew Graham-Dixon explores German art in a three-part series, examining the country's unique national style and 500-year cultural legacy. See here. This week’s episode of Saturday Kitchen featured German classic ‘Spätzle’ being cooked. Check it out on BBC iPlayer (1:00:57 onwards). Sinclair McKay's new book, 'The Fire and the Darkness: The Bombing of Dresden, 1945' has been released. Check out reviews in the The Times and The Telegraph.

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