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Weekly update: German becomes most sought after language by employers

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

By Ben Rowe In case you didn’t already see it on our Facebook page (follow it if you don’t already!), German has now overtaken French as the most sought after language by employers. As per, Brexit is involved…find out more here. Google didn’t miss out on the chance to get involved with the Bauhaus 100th Anniversary celebrations: check out the Google Doodle they designed. In other news… a group of pro-Brexit protesters blocked off an Aldi depot last Wednesday ‘because it’s a German company’. Yet they failed to see the irony in the fact they had used a German made campervan to perform the road block. Last week we mentioned the new Walter Presents drama, Bad Banks. If you enjoyed that, it might be worth checking out Shades of Guilt, a thought-provoking German legal thriller that first aired last November. Catch the trailer here.

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