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Germany and Brexit: October 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

By Tom Carson

After the government’s programming motion was rejected by the House of Commons, the UK government awaits the EU’s decision over the possible Brexit extension on Monday. It is expected that the EU will grant the UK a 3-month extension, to 31st January 2020, providing time either for a General Election or a 2nd Referendum. However, Johnson’s announcement that he intends to hold a General Election on the 12thDecember may influence the EU’s decision. If Johnson is able to MPs to vote for an election, the EU may grant a three extension; if an election is not approved by the house, the EU may reconsider and offer a shorter extension in the hope that Johnson’s WAB passes. It is understood that Macron prefers a shorter extension. Germany’s preference, the three-month extension, is more likely to transpire. Read more on the French-German power struggle here, as Macron seeks to seize the political initiative in Europe away from Merkel.


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