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German artists of Instagram

With over 15 million posts under the hashtag #artistsofinstagram, it’s undeniable that visual artists have built an extensive supportive community on the app. From professional painters showcasing their work and acquainting viewers with specific techniques, to younger members seeking to sharpen their style and strengthen their passion, Art Instagram (or 'artstagram', as some like to call it) offers a welcoming space for artists of any ability. Take a look at 5 fantastic German artists worth following on Instagram!

1. Tina Nass @tinanass.illustration

Tina Nass describes herself as a “messy painter and cat person from Hamburg” in her bio. Working from a small home studio, Tina uses pastel gouache to create bold, observant characters, often incorporating elegant floral imagery in her work. The artist’s feed immediately radiates warmth, in large part thanks to her staple mellow shades of red, pink and orange. If you like what you see, check out Tina’s website, where she sells cute prints, notepads, stickers and patches.

2. Lena @loosegemalt

26-year-old Lena resides near Coburg, a picturesque town in upper Franconia. Although Lena only began experimenting with brush pens in 2018, she never stopped since, and her gorgeous watercolour creations are testament to her natural talent and competence. The artist is fascinated with nature, as can be noticed in her artwork depicting berries, flowers, oceans and forests. While at first painting served as a hobby to balance her everyday life, it has since transformed into her side business, alongside her job as a special needs teacher. Visit Lena’s online shop, where fans are able to purchase gorgeous postcards or even painting guides!

3. Matthias Holz @matthias.holz

Matthias graduated from the University of Applied Science in Trier with a diploma in design and is now completing his Masters in illustration at HAW Hamburg. Impressively, Matthias also works as an infographic illustrator for Die Zeit. His clients include Rolling Stone Magazin, Donna, Luks Magazin and Berliner Philharmonie, amongst many others. Matthias’ Instagram offers a wide variety of alluring artwork, including fashion illustrations, animals and insects, portraits and textile patterns, alongside some collaborative illustrations. Explore more of the illustrator’s creations and learn more about him on his website!

4. Jacob Eisinger @yippiehey

YIPPIEHEY is an illustration studio founded by Jacob Eisinger, a designer and illustrator based in Hamburg. Jacob’s playful 3D illustrations are truly one of a kind and are evidently widely appreciated. With over 60k followers on Instagram, Jacob has worked with clients such as Samsung, Mercedes, Deutsche Bahn, Dr Oetker and the National Theater of Scotland. Jacob’s feed is bursting with bright hues, unique typography and lively, amusing characters. Take a look at his work to brighten your day, and consider buying some colourful prints to decorate your room with!

5. Karlotta Freier @karllikesotto

Having studied at HAW Hamburg as well the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Karlotta Freier has a solid foundation in art. The illustrator and cartoonist is currently based in New York, where, alongside her studies, she also teaches illustration at the China Academy of Art. Her clients range from established German companies like Die Zeit, Der Spiegel and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung to international names such as The New York Times and Columbia Journalism Review. Karlotta’s website showcases her detailed, soft-coloured drawings, comics and editorial artwork. While the illustrator often focuses on human characters and connection, admirers of her art can also find themselves transported to serene natural environments and even fictional worlds.


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