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Generous budget after tumultuous year brings hope to German cultural institutions

The German parliament has approved an increase in the budget of €155 million from this year, bringing the total spend to €2.2 billion, the largest in history. “This resounding acknowledgement by parliament of the critical importance of culture and the media is a major signal in these difficult times,” said culture minister Grütters.

€3.2 million will go to the Jewish Museum in Berlin, which will allow it to start providing free entry to visitors. German Historical Museum in Berlin and Haus der Geschichte in Bonn will get €6.2 million to allow them to reinvigorate their tired permanent collections. Finally, the German Lost Art Foundation and Federal Art Administration will receive €5.5 million between them. Both institutions are working at the forefront of Germany’s provenance research of artworks confiscated by the Nazis during the Second World War. The former, headquartered in Magdeburg, has funded numerous provenance exhibitions and research projects which facilitated several land-mark restitutions this year, you can read about their latest work here. The budget is welcome news for German museums, which are finally set to come out of lockdown tomorrow, 30th November.

Haus der Geschichte, Bonn. Source: "Haus der Geschichte - Bonn" by westher is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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