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CDU cause stir in agreement with AfD

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By George Hartley

Merkel’s CDU was plunged into crisis on Wednesday after the election of an FDP politician as Thuringia’s State Premier using votes from the far-right AfD. Thomas Kemmerich beat Die Linke with the backing of both the CDU and the AfD; the AfD did not submit any votes for their own candidate. Merkel accused Thuringian CDU politicians of betraying the German political boycott of all collaboration with the AfD, and fired key CDU commissioner Christian Hirte for expressing congratulations to Kemmerich. No German politician has been elected to such a level thanks to assistance from a far-right party since World War II. Kemmerich immediately resigned following the controversy, and is standing down with immediate effect. Thuringian politicians will meet on 18 February to discuss a rerun of the election. Elsewhere According to a survey by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, dissatisfaction with democracy is almost twice as high in former Eastern states than the Western.  Deutsche Welle published an article discussing the proposal for May 8 to become a national holiday in Germany and the surrounding historical controversies. In a bid to secure manufacturing jobs, economy minister Peter Altmaier hinted towards state financial support for Tesla if it meets sustainability targets with its new ‘gigafactory’ near Berlin.


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