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Weekly update: Weimar opens new museum dedicated to Bauhaus

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By Alex Stuart and Tom Carson The Bauhaus Museum opens on 6 April, marking the centenary of the influential design school founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919. On the same day, the nearby Neues Museum Weimar will open a new permanent exhibition on early Modernism. A further museum dedicated to Bauhaus will be opened in Dessau in September.

Plans to turn decaying Potsdam restaurant into museum for East German art

The software billionaire Hasso Plattner, the founder of the Barberini Museum that opened in the German city of Potsdam in 2017, plans to open a new museum dedicated to displaying his vast collection of East German art.  Plattner, 75, founded the German software company SAP, before stepping down as chief executive in 2003. Forbes magazine rank him as currently the 94th richest person in the world with an estimated personal fortune of around $14.4bn.


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