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Weekly update: the German Historical Museum in Berlin is screening classic silent films

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

By Alex Stuart

The Weimar era centennial calls for retrospective of cinema from the time when Germany was a strong competitor to Hollywood: The German Historical Museum in Berlin is screening classic silent films every night from 1st November until 2nd February. According to Deutsche Welle, many are seeing parallels between the current political situation and the Weimar Republic, a conclusion which this retrospective may encourage. Philipp Stiasny, the curator, denies explicit political commentary. He says the screenings will challenge the perceptions of Weimar film as just horror and dystopian genres, showing adventure, crime and above all comedy films that were just as popular at the time. It’s about time Germany got some (positive) recognition for its sense of humour!

In a town called Kassel, a true to size model of the Parthenon, made up of books that the Nazi’s had burned as part of their censorship campaign, has been allocated a new permanent location in town. The installation was created for contemporary art fair Documenta which takes place in Kassel every five years. Definitely check out photos of the massive sculpture here. Yet the obelisk, which symbolizes Germany’s “welcome culture” towards refugees, has been criticized by politicians such as Thomas Materner, AfD as “ideologically polarizing”. Read more.

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