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Weekly update: You've been 'Banksy-d'

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Alex Stuart

Museum Frieder Burda in Baden Baden will be the first to exhibit the Banksy work ‘Love is in the Bin’, which was dramatically shredded in its frame straight after being bought in an auction at Sotheby’s in London. It will be shown here from 5th February to 3rd March.

Following this, the work will be exhibited in Stuttgart Staatsgalerie on long-term loan, alongside Rembrandts, Duchamps and Picassos. The work, or ‘art intervention’ piece is thought to have earned art historical significance due its poignant criticism of art capitalism. It is also the first piece of art ever to be created during its own auction; previously called ‘Girl with Balloon’, it was renamed ‘Love is in the Bin’ by Banksy representatives after it was shredded.

Ironically, the act of self-destruction, in its efforts to ridicule the auction house and the art collectors bidding for the work, has given Sotheby’s a huge amount of publicity and increased the value of the painting.

But Alex Branczik, the senior director of Sotheby’s, considers the institution to have been well and truly ‘Banksy’d’. He emphasized that Sotheby’s did not know about the shredding beforehand and considers it a unique display of Banksy’s persona.

If you find yourself in Baden-Baden next month, check out the controversial piece in the stunning Frieder Burda musem, and their current exhibition on German expressionist group Die Brücke.

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