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Accolade for artist Marina Abramovic and Bonn Bundeskunsthalle

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

By Alex Stuart

Accolade for artist Marina Abramović and Bonn Bundeskunsthalle

Marina Abramović’s exhibition ‘The Cleaner’ at the Bonn Bundeskunsthalle has been named 2018’s best exhibition in Germany by art critics. Abramović is one of the most acclaimed international artists still creating today. She is known for her ground-breaking performances, in which she tests her psychological and physical limits in order to address the subject of personal experience and responsibility. The exhibition was a major retrospective of Abramović’s career, showing artworks of a range of mediums including film, painting and sculpture, across which she explores existential questions such as the passage of time, physical vulnerability, memory, pain, loss, endurance and trust. For more info, watch this video about the exhibition, produced by the Bundeskunsthalle.

Düsseldorf's Kunstpalast to pay £8 million for stunning collection of photographs

In order to strengthen its status as a centre for photography, Düsseldorf are acquiring the collection of Berlin Gallery Kicken, which contains over 3000 photographs by artists such as Man Ray, Helmut Newton and August Sander. Despite nearly half the collection being gifted to Düsseldorf by the gallery’s owners, the city is shelling out a neat £8 million for the rest of the photographs. See some of the extraordinary works from the collection here.


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