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Art from Home Week 9: Yoga mit Monet

Yoga mit Monet - a good way to practice both your German and some yoga poses in lockdown.

The Museum Barberini in Potsdam recently hosted a virtual yoga session with instructor Anna Rischke. She practices in one of the gallery rooms, in front of a projector showing stunning Monet paintings from the museum’s current exhibition.

This interview with curator Dr Ulf Küster sheds light on the recent trend; the Fondation Beyeler had a Monet Meditation programme a few years ago to coincide with an exhibition, where yoga classes were actually held in the galleries before regular opening hours.

Küster sees a link between the contemplative processes of engaging with a Money painting and practicing meditation. Monet’s hazy, serene landscapes accompanying the video will certainly help open up those chakras, just don’t forget to atmen!


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