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Art from Home week 10: or rather, Berlinale from Bed

This year, the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin (known as the Berlinale) is taking place - yes, you guessed it, online. It takes place as part of ‘We Are One’ festival, as film festivals cancelled the world over came together to provide their planned content for free on YouTube. A tribute to German New Wave director Ulrike Ottinger’s 1979 film ‘Bildnis einer Trinkerin’ will be shown on 1st June at 2pm BST, available here.

The film follows the protagonist, Tabea Blumenschein, as she lands at Tegel to fulfil her destiny: live as a drunkard in West Berlin. If you don’t watch it for the unbridled expression of women’s emancipation and surrealist cinematography, watch it for Tabea’s sumptuous outfits.

To tide you over during’s summer hiatus, here are a few suggestions for those craving their favourite galleries in lockdown. Follow the series created by the Dresden State Art Collections: ‘Art for Lunch’, where curators guide you round their favourite works every Tuesday on YouTube. Start with this spritely discussion of Caspar David Friedrich.

The Museum der bildenden Künstein Leipzig also has a weekly ‘Insights’ series on their current projects and exhibitions; this one on Norbert Wagenbrett’s haunting portraits inspired by the 1920s Verism movement is a highlight. Wagenbrett trained as an artist in the former GDR at the Leipzig Academy of Fine Arts, along with other well-known ‘new Leipzig School’ painters like Neo Rauch. Read about his life and work in the context of the MdbK exhibition here.

Stills from ‘Bildnis einer Trinkerin’. Source:


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