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Art from Home: See where some of Berlin’s most creative spirits are quarantining

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Left: Prinz Pi in his Berlin apartment, Right: Michael J. Duté’s elaborate entry hall

We’re all spending far too long staring at our own four walls. So why not dive into Architectural Digest Germany’s video archives, where some of Germany’s most exciting creatives take us on a tour round their stylish Berlin apartments.

American artist and designer Michael J. Duté describes how he painted the intricate and eccentric frescos covering the walls of his apartment himself. The entry hall is painted in an exquisite Chinoiserie combining details traditional of the style with quirky humorous elements like the miniature alarmed fox. At the end of the clip, the artist waves farewell from his surreal rococo paradise as the camera pans outwards into a plain, minimalist apartment block so typical of Berlin. We suddenly remember we’re not in an 18th century manor.

In another clip, German rapper Prinz Pi shows us round his more pared down, apartment-cum-mixing studio, with its highly sophisticated urban and intellectual interior design. His adorable and impeccably manicured dog harmonizes with the forest green and caramel tones. We dote over his Matisse posters and life-size soft-toy tiger, the one perceptible sign of the two children that supposedly live in this immaculate flat. As one of the YouTube comments quips: ‘Der Prinz hat Stil’.

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