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Art from Home 4: A virtual trip to the Met’s Gerhard Richter exhibition

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

A major retrospective of one of the most celebrated contemporary German artists, Gerhard Richter, had just opened at the Met Breuer in New York before lockdown commenced.

Luckily for us, the museum has converted the exhibition into an online portfolio, complete with all the individual works’ placards and photographs of their positioning on the walls of the gallery. It’s an immersive experience, particularly if you start with the Met’s ‘Primer’ page, a digital platform full of information about the artist. Along with Sigmar Polke, Richter spearheaded the Capitalist Realist movement, a play on Socialist Realism, the style of art produced principally by GDR-era ‘official’ artists. Capitalist Realism was imbued with overtones of social and political criticism, which generally went further that of the parallel movement of American Pop Art.

The museum has also released a 2012 documentary on Richter, which was praised by the New York Times. It’s available to stream for free until July, watch it here.


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