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Weekly update: backlash against potential Merkel CDU successor Friedrich Merz

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

By Jack Turner

This week was notable for the statement and subsequent backlash against potential Merkel CDU successor Friedrich Merz, after he called for a debate on the right to seek asylum - a right enshrined in the Basic Law (German constitution). This call was rejected by many, including the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söde, who claimed the right to asylum was an “inviolable” one. For an interesting opinion piece on why this constitutional right is so important to Germany and its history, see here.

The main political development of the weekend however has been the EU signing off on the agreement for Britain to leave its ranks. The German reaction has been one of sadness and regret, but also of closure, as we see Brexit finally coming to fruition. Angela Merkel bemoaned the separation as “tragic”.

Reforms of the grand coalition have been approved by Federal Court, with the most noteworthy proposals being pension reforms, increased family relief, as well as digital learning in schools. And last week’s AfD donation scandal rumbles on as the trail of money has led back to billionaire August von Finck. The plot thickens …

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